Please get on Tokyo Metro Tozai Line and get off at Waseda Station.

From Exit 3b, turn to the right and walk along Waseda Dori (see an attached map:waseda U and waseda station).

At the first intersection, turn to the right.  There is a Japanese noodle restaurant (Sanchoan) at your corner.  You will see a police box at the opposite corner (see an attached map: detailed map).

In a couple of minutes, you will come across a rotary square where a main gate (entrance) to Waseda Campus and an old Auditorium (Ohkuma Kodo) are located.

Climb up a slope at the main gate, and go straight.

Just passing by a big statue (University Founder: Mr. Ohkuma), you will see a big and tall (relatively new and yellow) building (Number 11).  This is our destination.  You will easily find a convenience store (Family Mart) on the 1st floor.

Take an elevator (all three are OK) and get off at the 13th floor.  You will see a seminar room (#1312) at a corner.

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JR Yamanote Line Takadanobaba Station (approx. 20-min. walk)
Seibu Line Seibu-Shinjuku Line Takadanobaba Station (approx. 20-min. walk)
Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Waseda Station (approx. 5-min. walk)
Fukutoshin Line Nishi-waseda Station (approx. 17-min. walk)
Tokyo City Bus Shinjuku Station (West Exit) to Waseda / RIHGA Royal Hotel (Bus Stop: Sodai Seimon / approx. 1-min. walk)
Shibuya Station to Sodai Seimon or Ueno Matsuzakaya to Waseda/RIHGA Royal Hotel (approx. 2-min. walk)
Tokyo City Bus
(School Bus)
Tokyo City Bus (School Bus)
Toden Line Toden Arakawa Line Waseda Station (approx. 5 min. walk)