TitleFragile Self-Esteem (CTWE共催)
Date2019/10/25 16:30〜18:00
PlaceTBA, Waseda Campus, Waseda University
SpeakerTakeshi Murooka
AffiliationOsaka University

TitleClimate Change, Migration, and Vulnerability: Transboundary Migration from the Pacific
Date2019/10/4 16:30〜18:00
PlaceRoom #1312, 11th Building, Waseda Campus, Waseda University
SpeakerMikiyasu Nakayama
AffiliationThe University of Tokyo

TitleStatistical Experiments の最適化
Date2019/9/27 16:30〜18:00
PlaceRoom #1312, 11th Building, Waseda Campus, Waseda University
SpeakerHisatoshi Tanaka
AffiliationWaseda University
Abstractパラメータ(s,t)をもつ確率測度 P(s,t) によって記述される統計的実験(Statistical Experiment)を考える。この実験では、まずは実験者によってtの値が設定され、次にサンプル z ~ P(s,t)が観察され、サンプルzに基づいてsの値が推定される。このとき問題になるのは、sの推定精度を高めるには,いかなるtの値を選択すべきかということである。
 この研究では、広いクラスの Experimentについて、その最適化のための必要条件が与えられる。また,結果の応用例として、環境経済学の分野で用いられている CV法(Contingent Valuation Method)の最適なデザインが導出される。このデザインの下では、CV法の推定精度が大幅に改善されることが数値計算によって示される。

 For almost a decade since 2004, we have been holding a seminar series at least twice a month usually second and fourth Friday afternoons (16:30-18:00). It is called as “Waseda Friday Economics Seminar.” We invited mainly young but sometime established domestic and international researchers of economics and related fields. On rare occasions, we hosted seminars on history, mathematics, and commerce and international laws. Supported by this fund, we will continue and strengthen this seminar series so as to complement this research project.

 At present, we are focusing on business practices and rules on accounting because of its unique features. Accounting rules and bookkeeping procedures is one of the most important and fundamental infrastructures to support market transactions and business activities. It is a clear example of public goods which generates deep and wide-spread spill overs within workplaces, factories, firms, business clusters, industrial sectors, macro economy, and international economies. We held two seminars on accounting empirical research and one on accounting system.

 It is indispensable for us to know real and present situations of business and accounting in developing countries, whether research topics are theoretical or empirical. Of course, some members have to be more familiar with them for future local surveys and possible experiments. In 2012, we held international workshops to prepare for this project. We hosted two lecture series on cooperative game theory and matching theory. Also, we held an open seminar on the present situation of Sri Lankan economy. In 2013, we hosted two lecture series on auction theory and behavioral economics as a kick-off event. Also, we held two open lectures on the business and accounting situations in Mongolia and Bangladesh.